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Princess Can Do No Wrong

Jenny Packham, Kate Middleton I took this picture during a recent visit to Paris. I love Jenny Packham because her designs represent all that is romantic and glamorous about fashion. They're statement-making, flattering, yet still somehow manages to come across unassuming in all their fancy (think Sandra Bullock from the 2011 Golden Globes). Bravo, Princess Kate. Last night's sparkly pink gown for the ARK Gala was breathtaking. At the rate you're going, your prince is fast becoming the best accessory to your impeccable fashion choices.


Everyday Beauty

Shiseido, Arcona, Bobbi Brown, Guerlain, Hourglass, L'Oreal, Nars, Paul & Joe

I've recently embarked on a mission to declutter my beauty collection. It's taken a quite a bit of self-talk to streamline, coming to the realization that I'll never need items like fuchsia eyeshadow for Halloween or an 80s party. Below is the culmination of that effort - my tray of top faves. I use a combination of the following everyday. And for a night out, I use them all.
A minimalist I am not.

Arcona Hydrating Serum, $38
I had to condition my skin to not be dependent on heavy moisturizers, and Arcona helped me do it. This serum absorbs easily and deeply hydrates my very dry skin

Shiseido Urban Environment UV Projection Cream SPF 35, $30
When it comes to sun protection, I just need something that works, absorbs and doesn't make me look like a ghost.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in Natural, $45
For years I've stayed away from Bobbi Brown products, because I had one bad experience: a sales lady made me look like Connie Chung. But having tried every "hot" foundation in the market, and looking perpetually dark, pale or gray, I finally found my foundation soul mate. Skin Foundation is buildable and doesn't sit on skin. And the shade is a perfect match for me.

NARS Blush in Sin, $27
This shade looks like puke pink in the compact, but departs the most beautiful flush shade for my skintone. Thanks to Ashley Robb for introducing this to me.

Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in 93 Rue de Passy, $84
Yes it's a mouthful of French, but the colors in this palette are truly beautiful.

L'Oreal HIP Color Truth Eyeliner in Black, $12
I've tried almost EVERY popular gel liner on the market. This one passes with flying colors: high pigment, total smudge-proof, waterproof and doesn't dry out too quickly in the jar.

Nyx Cosmetics Grow Lash Mascara in Jet Black, $13
I'm partial to Nyx because the company was founded by a Korean girl who knows makeup and knows Asians' particular issues with mascara. This plumping, lengthening mascara does not transfer. Period.

Lorac TANtalEYES Palette, $36
I am obsessed with Carol Shaw and equally obsessed with her cosmetics line. I'm sticking this in my daily products for Summer. The white shadow applies like a rose gold, and I love the travel size TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer,


Feel Good Food: True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen

Boasting a diet that slants towards KFC and Korean BBQ, it's not often I choose to eat healthy. So when some self-described crunchy friends came to visit, I begrudgingly took them to True Food Kitchen, a well-publicized restaurant that used locally grown ingredients.

Surprisingly, their dishes (comprised largely of rabbit food and grass) were incredibly delicious. I know of Dr. Andrew Weil primarily through his Origins skincare line, so I was intrigued by a menu "centered on the principals of Dr. Andrew Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Food Pyramid." Whatever that means, we all felt so great after eating that we went back the next day. Thanks to True Food (and my granola friends from Marin), I may embark on a whole new eating lifestyle.


Books and Cookies Grand Opening

Diana Ross, Chudney Ross, Lisa Loeb, Books and Cookies, Mary Giuliani, Kim Raver
Books and Cookies kicked off its grand opening weekend with a Press Preview on May 13, 2011, hosting 60+ LA media, Mommy Bloggers and their children. On Saturday, May 14th, Founder Chudney Ross hosted a more private gathering of her closest family and friends, including mom Diana Ross and brothers and sisters. Proud mom even brought her own camera to capture the festivities.

The best part of the events was that it was geared towards the kids. Activities ranged from Story Time and Real Princesses to face painting and cookie decorating. Celebrity Caterer (and partner in the store) Mary Giuliani flew in from NYC to help host the event with mini macaroni cones in a giant ferris wheel and shots of milk and brownies.

It's always a good sign when kids don't want to leave the party. Needless to say, the press also fell in love with the new store.


Healthy (and Wise) Drinking


Alcohol consumption can cause damage to the body and, at times, make you feel bad the next day (whether you drink a little or a lot). Drinkwel is a new vitamin designed to fight the negative effects of alcohol on your health, replenishing nutrients, supporting liver function and helping the body process alcohol-induced toxins. A pleasant side-effect is that Drinkwel can also help alleviate the symptoms of hangovers.

But my favorite line in the Drinkwel website?

"Remember, this product does not prevent intoxication, alcohol poisoning, alcohol abuse, or utter stupidity. Please drink responsibly."

Good words to remember.



Local Deals... Curated and Brought To Life

DailyCandy Deals + Fred Segal Party 4.28.11
New Launch + Party + Discounted Shopping + Free Beauty Pampering + Kick-Ass Gift Bag = good thing.


A New Concept in Children's Stores: Books and Cookies

Books and Cookies is a new children's bookstore, cafe and enrichment center opening in Santa Monica in mid-May 2011. The concept for the store is so simple: a fun and healthy environment for kids to learn, pique their imagine and have fun.

Check out these new Books and Cookies gift baskets - perfect for birthdays and any special occasions. For more information, visit: www.booksandcookiesla.com.


Socializing Beauty Online

New client Beautylish is the first website that is consolidating and curating online beauty news and content. They've recognized and capitalized on the power of the YouTube Vloggers and Bloggers - and are helping beauty brands align with this new media of selling. What they're doing is truly revolutionary and paving the way for the brave new world of social beauty commerce.

The press kit you WANT to get

For many years, I've been telling clients that it's not necessary to create formal press kits. The downloadable electronic press kit (EPK) serves the same purpose and is more economical and eco-friendly.

However, if there is any reason to create a physical press kit, this one from Guerlain truly does it right. Not only does it house press materials in a organized way (a holder in the back of the box), it also has a customized compartment to hold a product sample. And just as important, the overall presentation and packaging is beautiful, creative and reinforces the luxury brand image of the new launch.

When editors receive over 100 deliveries in their offices a day, this press kit definitely stands out above the crowd.


The Beauty Of PR

Friends & family often tell me my job is glamorous. As a public relations consultant, I've had my share of fun events and have had many opportunities to meet famous and interesting people. Of course, the neverending supply of product samples is a
big perk.

What they don't see is everything that happens behind-the-scenes. These moments of glamour hide the true work of PR professionals. PR is a serious business that involves an unseemingly amount of details (more details than anyone can ever imagine!). That said, I love my job—and everything that comes with the public relations, social media and the beauty and lifestyle worlds.

What I enjoy most is helping people and brands be seen in their best possible light. I love coming up with creative ideas to help both known and unknown brands get "ink and press" coverage. And I love connecting media, companies and people that help elevate each other's work and visibility. PR can help bring awareness to exciting new things, and it can help people see existing brands and products in a new way.

This blog is dedicated to showcasing my experiences in PR, events, beauty and lifestyle. I also hope to educate budding brands and companies on PR best practices. As a reader of a gazillion blogs, I am impressed by the level of talent and passion that is represented in the blogosphere. I hope to do it justice and welcome any feedback, post suggestions and comments.
Here's to building new relationships. Happy reading!