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Commitment Free Sampling

beauty, subscription, TotalBeauty, industry, business
I've been seeing a bunch of new, unique business integrations in the beauty industry. First - NewBeauty, a magazine, partnered with Fred Segal to create a retail space. Next, Sandow Media, NewBeauty's parent company, buys the worldwide rights to the Fred Segal brand.

And now, TotalBeauty.com, an online beauty resource, is offering a sampling program called
TotalBeauty Collection, a la Birchbox but without the commitment of a subscription - and with premium size samples. Similarly, Beautylish.com, which started as an online destination and community, has added on an e-tail component to their business.

It makes sense that traditional media and retail roles are merging in the beauty industry. Beauty consumption can now become truly integrated into a 360 degree experience. The beauty industry has always been commercial. So why not just make it more obvious now by directly merging sales with editorial?


My Pregnancy Essentials

beauty, fashion, skincare, pregnancy

I've taken the pregnancy phenomenon of "nesting" to a whole new level. The home purging process has now effected my beauty & fashion regimen as well. Whereas I used to leave the house with a full face of makeup and completely accessorized, I'm now lucky if I am wearing a matching outfit and sunscreen. Here are a few leftover essentials that have survived the purging that's taken place in the past 9 months.

Toms Shoes, $54
Since I now live at Whole Foods, I picked up these comfie Tom's in pink corduroy. The pink gives a little pop of color to my otherwise blah pregnancy wardrobe. And I love the padding and arch support.

Lea Journo Hydra-Riche Hydrating Conditioner - Travel Size, $12
I got a sample of this at the new New Beauty Shop at Fred Segal Santa Monica. Instant love. The lightweight, sulfate/paraben-free conditioner softened my dry ends while giving me some nice volume.

Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Foundation, $13
The last time I bought a Revlon product was back in the 80s - Frosted City Pink lipstick. Despite their slew of celebrity spokesmodels, Revlon will forever be stuck in the 80s to me. However, I saw some YouTube videos on this product and decided to give it a try. Its moisturization capabilities and subtle sheen were impressive, and I use it on the days I need a little extra coverage - especially since I've gotten more age spots due to pregnancy (ugh!). My pregnancy glow is all foundation.

Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Night Lotion, $55
Everything has to be natural when it comes to beauty and pregnancy. So Jurlique was an obvious go-to for daily hydration. The sweet rose scent was also one of the few fragrances that didn't make me gag.

Curling Iron, any
As I started ballooning into a size that I've never expected to be, feeling "pretty" was starting to be a struggle. A curling iron did the trick on particularly bad days. Tina Dizon from The Private Room taught me how to use it properly so I don't look like I belong in an episode of Dynasty.

Desert Essence Green Apple & Ginger Shampoo & Conditioner, $9
As mentioned, I spend an insane amount of time at Whole Foods. So I was happy to discover there Desert Essence products - well formulated with natural and organic ingredients. The scent of this haircare line is pure deliciousness. So why do I use two different conditioners? Because I can never commit to just one on a daily basis.

Palmer's Organic Cocoa Butter Tummy Butter, $10
The closer I get to the belly, the more natural I demand my products to be. Afterall, in my new mommy mind, what I put on my belly is as close as I get to my little baby. So this product - though difficult to apply and totally greasy - makes me feel like its pure goodness for my big bump, especially in helping with stretch mark prevention.

COCOCOZY Organic Lavender Sachet, $34
I get a whiff of pure relaxation and organic luxury everytime I inhale this sachet. I keep it at my desk and smell it all day to remind myself that work is work, and that I have to prioritize baby on the way.

And finally - Fashion...

Thank God a friend told me about these two sites for maternity fashion. They helped me feel more like my pre-pregnancy self and offered styles that were not frumpy, cheap or total cow.

ASOS Maternity

TopShop Maternity


The Private Room

hair, extensions, styling, beverly hills, luxury How great is it to find a salon "home"? To never worry about bad cuts or colors, trusting the stylist to always know your tastes (and many cowlicks) - even when you want to try something new.

That's the heart of The Private Room, an unassuming, boutique salon in the heart of Beverly Hills. The Private Room offers skills without the attitude - and as a result, attracts an exclusive clientele that values luxury - and a little discretion... (hence, a private back entrance).

Founder Tina Dizon radiates warmth and is known for being one of the top extensions experts. She's sought-after for her "Ballet" Extensions, an exclusive application technique that involves detailed artistry and custom prep work and a duo-fusion process.

Of course, all Private Room stylists are beloved for their fashion forward cuts, styles and color ... for creating looks destined for "public" viewing.

For more information: www.theprivateroombh.com.

The Private Room
9414 Brighton Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Introducing COCOCOZY

cococozy, luxury, home, linens, bedding, pillows Since we moved into our home almost 2 years ago, I've been obsessed with interior design. Nothing makes me happier than a beautiful space. Which is why I jumped at the chance to work with the amazing
COCOCOZY - one of the top design and decor blogs.

I started following Coco's blog when I was looking for inspiration and ideas - loving the fact that her posts were both aspirational and accessible. We all need simple ways of creating luxuriously "cozy" spaces on a budget.

And when I found out COCOCOZY launched a luxury home collection last year, I was over the moon. Coco sent me two samples of her pillows, and of course they matched my decor to a tee (uh, cuz I pretty much copied my decor from her posts!)

Look out for more exciting things to come from this dedicated blogger and home accessories designer.


PICTURE: From a recent COCOCOZY blog post - A corner of Coco's Hollywood Hill's cottage featuring the COCOCOZY
Gate Cotton Knit Throw


The Beauty Social Presented By Beautylish

Introducing The Beauty Social presented by Beautylish. Themed on the dynamic topic of beauty and social media, The Beauty Social will bring offline the online beauty experience.

So what does that mean? Lots of beauty beauty beauty: bloggers and YouTube gurus talking about their crafts, experts teaching tips & tricks, brand reps sharing social media insights, and YOU, the "beauties" getting to try and take home fun products. Add to that a gorgeous beach view and what do you get? THE most glamorous (and fun) beauty event of the year.

Get your tickets at www.thebeautysocial.com.

beauty, makeup artists, YouTube Gurus, urban decay, benefit cosmetics, nyx


Pinning for Pretty

Pinterest, Style, Interior Design, Beauty Pinterest has become one of my favorite online past times. It's easily taken time away from Facebook, Twitter and online shopping.

The visuals in Pinterest offer a feast for the eyes. Pretty, creative, colorful, and even cute. Imagine everything that makes you happy - all in one page.

There definitely is a social media tool in there, but a tagging system should be compelled, and every image posted should be cited with the original source or site. For now, pretty photos, cuddly animals and creative ideas get "repinned" and go viral within the Pinterest world. But without proper tagging, do things ever sell on Pinterest?

Later this Fall, a friend will actually be conducting an experiment with one of her new launches - in the hopes that proper tagging and site credit will lead to increased sales. She has a beautiful product and pretty photo all ready to go.

It'll be interesting to see how Pinterest becomes monetized (what exactly will be its business model?). But for now, I'm just happy to see pretty pictures.

What do you use Pinterest for?



Crave-worthy Cookies

Cookies, Santa Monica, Chocolate Chip, Cookie Guru Aurelie, the Cookie Guru, sells one product: Cookies. The most delicious cookies EVER.

I've only tried the Chocolate Chip, but I cannot walk past the stand without buying at least half a dozen, all for myself.

(Tis not good for diet).

The cookies are organic, chewy, crispy and dripping with the most luscious chocolate ever. Aurelie's proud papa adds to the character of her stand (housed at The Market at Santa Monica Place). He sells her creations, while boasting about how her daughter makes the best cookies in the world. I totally agree with him.

There's something so refreshing about a "guru" who does one thing really well.



SIMPLY BEAUTY: TAY Clean and Pure Skincare

Tay Skincare, natural, clean, pure, botanical, eco-friendly I'm a huge proponent of natural skincare. There's just no need to put that many chemicals on skin, and I've personally experienced better results using natural products.

That's why I'm so excited to be working with an amazing new line called TAY. TAY occupies the unique niche of being both natural and luxury. Sarah Tay, the creator of the line and beauty industry veteran, put a tremendous amount of care and thought into the the formulas – using only the best possible natural and organic ingredients that are also efficacious.

The ingredients are sourced from all over the world, and whenever possible, they've taken steps to ensure sustainable and fair trade practices in both the materials and in the way the ingredients were harvested. The refillable bottles were made from sustainable bamboo and PET plastic (recycled from soda bottles). And underscoring all products is the focus on simplicity – both in their formulas and in the "lifestyle" of the line.

That's simply beautiful.



Presents for Mommy: Introducing Citrus Lane

Citrus Lane, Gifts, Boxes, Moms, Newborns, Expecting Moms What new mom wouldn't love getting great products delivered to her door? That's the genius behind Citrus Lane, a new company that creates and delivers edited, monthly "care packages" for new parents. Items in Citrus Lane packages are handpicked by real parents who've done the research and tested the products for themselves. And items are boxed together based on special occasions (Baby Shower, Welcome Home) or a baby's monthly milestones (2-month, 6-month, etc.)

In PR, it's always a good thing to have clients with good products. But it's a GREAT thing to have clients who offer a new, innovative service, along with the top must-haves.

The New Celebrity

Elle Fowler, Blair Fowler, YouTube Stars, YouTube Sensations, Beauty

YouTube can make celebrities. Anyone who's ever heard of Justin Bieber knows that. It's a true media and pop culture shift - that someone sitting at home with a video camera can become famous (albeit to a specific audience) and influence the marketplace.

Enter Elle & Blair Fowler two young women from Tennessee who've become so popular on YouTube that their videos have been known to crash websites and sell out of products. Their fans think of them as their BFFs and hang on their every word. And they got started just by sharing their tips and thoughts with whomever wanted to watch. They started at the right time, and they had that "it" factor that made their personalities stand out among thousands of vloggers.

No, YouTubing is not for everyone, but now that the world lives on the Internet, a good video is more influential than ever.

** photo credit: http://www.ashley-barrett.com/