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The Private Room: Quick Change Extensions

rainbow extensions, locks lab, the private room SPOILER ALERT: Celebrities are NOT all born with thick, gorgeous, picture-perfect hair that go down to their waist AND look perfect all day. They have to spend a lot of money on hair extensions, AND many have a hairstylist permanently tethered to their side.

While professional extensions cost upwards of $3000 or more, the rest of the world have been given the gift of clip-ins. Jessica Simpson+Ken Paves and their faux-hair clip-ins have become ubiquitous, but what does one do if we want REAL hair extensions that don't become a birds nest after one use?

The Private Room comes to the rescue. After a year of sensational new launches (The Color Pop Bar, The Braid Bar, The Bang Station), the boutique Beverly Hills salon now introduces THE LOCKS LAB.

The Locks Lab is a new service menu dedicated to hair extensions - everything from clip-ins to drop-off extensions maintenance (yes. because just like cars, these babies need tune-ups too).

As one of LA’s top extensions experts, The Private Room’s founder Tina Dizon is on a mission to help women get thicker, longer hair - faster and easier. So now, you can get extensions and styling in under an hour, and for around the cost of hair color.

The Locks Lab menu is aptly named after the theme of "love" - because who doesn't want to fall in love with their (star-worthy) hair? For the complete list of services, click here.


New Client: Step Up Women's Network

Inslee Haynes, Step Up Women's Network

Ink & Press is excited to be the official LA PR partner of Step Up Women's Network . Step Up is a national non-profit organization comprised of 50,000 women across the US (yes, 50k). Dedicating itself "to fulfilling the potential of women," Step Up's mission focuses on both teens in under-resourced communities and professional women all over the country.

With all the conflicting images of women in the media, it is refreshing to see an organization that truly showcases the best of who women are. By providing opportunities for women to come together to mutually encourage and inspire - Step Up helps us live out our best selves.

** Illustration by Inslee Haynes


Happy New Nails! Introducing Chi & Ki Nail Bar & Organic Spa

Chi Nail Bar,
We love nail art! so we're thrilled to be working with Chi Nail Bar & Organic Spa in Beverly Hills and sister shop Ki Downtown. Chi (pronounced CHEE) is the nail art home of top celeb stylesetters Zooey Deschanel, Mindy Kaling, Jessica Alba, and many others. Tourists have been known to fly in just to try "The Rockstar", a non-replicable glitter gel mani.

In addition to cutting edge artistry, Chi & Ki pamper each client with impeccable service and top notch natural, organic products.

It's nail luxury at its best - art and respite in a busy world.

Chi Nail Bar & Organic Spa
9390 Little Santa Monica Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 858-8803

Ki Nail Bar & Organic Spa
105 Japanese Village Plaza Mall
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 928-0888


Happy Holidays from Ink & Press

Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace. ~G. K. Chesterton

There's nothing we love more that The Holidays. We love the energy that comes with the lights, the decorations, the gift giving, the sparkle and shine.

The Holidays is also the busiest time of year in the PR world. From Holiday Gift Guides to Year End/New Year pitches, this is usually a critical time of year for our clients. Then add editor and client gifts ... we wouldn't be doing this if we didn't love it.

In the midst of all the madness, we want to take the time to thank our clients, the press and all of you, whom we've had the pleasure to work with this past year. We are grateful that we get to work with amazing, talented and passionate people everyday. You help us do what we do best.

As we close another successful year, we at Ink & Press wish you all the love, beauty and peace the season has to offer.

*** artwork designed by Le Partie Sugar, the bestest and most creative partie planning company ever ***


Beauty Play Doh

clay, lush Cosmetics, beauty, soap, handmade

Last week, I had the pleasure of stopping by a fun press event with the baby. Lush (Fresh Handmade Cosmetics) recently launched their new product FUN to mommy bloggers and invited all the kiddies to come play as well.

FUN is a body product that works like moldable clay (how cool is that??). In all new scents, FUN is perfect for kids of all ages, and for adults who are looking for a multi-purpose product. It's a shampoo, body wash and bubble bath in one.

After the nuclear disaster in Fukushima that made it impossible for children to play outside, the LUSH product developers felt compelled to help them out. So 2.5% of the global sales of FUN will go to a Global FUNd that donates to local Japanese charities that are working to provide children safe places to play in Fukushima. All in the name of good, clean fun.


New PopSugar Studios

popsugar, event, beauty, entertainment,
Congrats to the new PopSugar Studios! So proud of the little website that could.


Irish Skincare: Elave Dermo-Cosmetic

Elave, Skincare, Irish, Sensitive, Dermatology, Ovelle, Ashette
New client Elave Skincare is one of the few brands that have taken me away from my beloved Arcona. For one thing, like Arcona, Elave is free from all the bad stuff - sulfates, parabens, fragrances, chemical preservatives, etc. etc. For another, the products actually leave my skin feeling incredible - especially the Oil Free Skin Balancing line, designed specifically for the US market.

Beauty industry veterans/consultants, Ashette brought Elave over from Ireland at the recommendation of renowned British makeup artist Jemma Kidd, who loves the line for sensitive skin. Developed by a 75 year old Irish pharmaceutical company, Ovelle, Elave's heritage is in post-op treatments and dermatological skincare ... so heavy duty healing technology with natural ingredients. And did I mention they have a baby line too?

www.elaveskincareus.com, available at Walgreens, Duane Reade Look Boutiques and Dermstore.com


Finally: Stainless Steel Water Bottle - That's Pretty

eco-friendly, water bottle, thermos, stainless steel, no plastic
Obsessed! I finally found it... My perfect water bottle.

My friend Syn is cray cray about BPA-free EVERYTHING. She scared me silly about the effects of BPA and convinced me to get the Klean Kanteen for my portable drinking needs. I bought two, and now they're sitting on the top shelf of the cupboard gathering dust ... mainly because they're large, cumbersome ... and manly. Perfect for the rugged outdoorsman, which I am not.

Then I saw the S'well Bottle. Same as Klean Kanteen - no plastic touches the liquid - and is insulated, good for both hot and cold liquids. Other keywords: non-leaching, toxin-free, eco-friendly ... and dare I say PRETTY? They also come in two sizes (wine size?) and various colors and finishes.

Another perk: S'well has a partnership with WaterAid, an org that provides local water solutions to the neediest global locations. Every S’well bottle sold supports WaterAid programs.

I've yet to actually test out this piece of wonder, but qualities I'll be looking for: easy to clean, easy to drink, easy to carry and lightweight. Fingers crossed! I rarely get this excited about PR pitches.

Order here: www.swellbottle.com or buy at Equinox.

*** CORRECTION: I finally got a chance to check them out at one of my favorite stores on Abbot Kinney in Venice - there is plastic on the lid that touches liquid. Bummer.


Familiar: Family-Friendly Photo Sharing

photo sharing, photography, app, apps, family, moms, parents My new hobby is to maniacally take photos of baby Parker and send them to everyone I know. I started a Tumblr blog to document his EVERY move, and I SMS photos to family members on a daily (if not hourly) basis.

My mom, of course, cannot be troubled with Tumblr. Trying to figure out the app on her iPhone has been a bit of a challenge ("who's this girl Suri? and these photos of shamed dogs?"). And there're the weekly calls to ask why texted photos have "disappeared."

Then alas, FAMILIAR came along, and mom totally gets it - language barrier and all. Mom downloaded the app, and photos I upload magically appear into her iPhone "photo wallet." With my in-laws, Familiar has transformed their desktop into a social picture frame, where every photo I upload is instantly added to a screensaver. Now I can force everyone to see Parker pictures in real time. Muahahaha...

Why didn't anyone think of this before?

Download here: www.familiar.com


Nursery Love

So proud that my nursery design made it into the COCOCOZY blog - the penultimate arbiter of interior design (did I mention that COCOCOZY's posts served as inspiration for my entire home?). Not only did Coco feature our nursery (thanks Coco!), but MDB (the company that created two of the key pieces in the room) also picked up the photos for their blog. I'm so very honored!